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Vancouver Pop Group Fake Shark Drop the Clip to Their New Single “Superstitious Thing”

Combining pop-culture, a groovy bass line, and Fake Shark’s distinctive eccentric flair, the Vancouver pop favourites release their new single “Superstitious Thing”, accompanied by a creative, classic horror inspired visualizer. Available now, the new release preludes a collection of new music expected from the group in 2020.

On the unique video concept, Kevvy notes, “it came somewhat out of necessity. We had these plans to do these elaborate dance videos, but had to change direction because we’re in isolation. I called Johnny Jansen, who’s a brilliant award winning director for videos, such as Said the Whale – Unamerican to see if he had any ideas, and I sent him the song. He called me back all excited and explained the idea and I laughed my head off. He had me film my mouth from different directions to fit on the faces off all this stock horror footage. I requested that we use clips from Night of the Living Dead because it’s my favourite horror anthology. When I first saw the video with my mouth on a bat, I fell out of my chair laughing.”