About Us

In this post-everything music world, do concepts such as “alternative” and “independent” still mean something?

Jonathan Simkin thinks they do. In fact, Simkin is so certain of it that in 2010 he founded Light Organ Records to shine a spotlight on artists exploring their own unique sonic visions.

“We really wanted to be a home for things that were not what we would consider to be mainstream and to not become a label that’s just about chasing pop hits,”

Jonathan Simkin

Vancouver, B.C. based Light Organ is an imprint of the massively successful 604 Records, but it has its own mandate and its own roster of incredible talent. From the eclectic indie rock group, Sleepy Gonzales to the Zolas’ whip-smart art-pop, and from the surging, straight-outta-the-garage rawk of Hotel Mira to Fake Shark’s category-defying freak-pop, there is no signature “Light Organ sound”.

As eclectic as the label’s acts—who also include Louise Burns, Sarah Jane Scouten, Mise En Scene, Johnny Payne, and We Are The City — maybe, what ties them all together is an unswerving dedication to the craft of music-making, and to proving that, yes, “alternative” and “independent” really do mean something after all.