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The Zolas and Cadence Weapon Collide in Trippy “Another Dimension” Video | Exclaim

Frontman Zach Gray pays tribute to his cat Moon Unit

The Zolas and Cadence Weapon Collide in Trippy 'Another Dimension' Video

By Alex HudsonPublished Mar 24, 2021Vancouver’s the Zolas are known for bubbly pop-rock — recently with a Britpop bent — but they’re going way out of their comfort zone with their Cadence Weapon collaboration, “Another Dimension,” which now has a trippy video.

The song has a menacing hip-hop beat that blends the digital meltdowns of Yeezus with the spooky swagger of classic Gorillaz single “Clint Eastwood.” Those rap influences are magnified when Cadence Weapon stops by to drop a verse.

In the accompanying clip, Zolas frontman Zach Gray chills as home with his cat — which seems like it would be a nice, relaxing time were it not for the freaky, ’90s-style digital effects that are slathered over the whole thing. (He also appears to be wearing part of the signature outfit he modelled for Exclaim!) When Cadence Weapon beams in to rap his verse, he also gets doused in wild VFX.

Gray said in a statement, “This video is a tribute to my cat Moon Unit who’s chilled with me nonstop for an entire year.”

The Zolas have been releasing singles after promising last year that an album was on the way. There’s still no confirmed info on said album, but tide yourself over by checking out the “Another Dimension” video below.