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Five things to know about Bills & Aches & Blues’ the 4AD 40th anniversary album | Vancouver Sun

Influential label 4AD turns over some of the greatest hits of the past to hit artists of today on a 40th anniversary album.

Alex Little & The Suspicious Minds

Waiting to Get Paid | Light Organ Records

Genre: Rock

Key track: Across the City

Fronted by singer/guitarist Alex Little, this Vancouver quartet has all the right elements to become very popular. The band’s 10-song debut features a sound that inhabits a late-’80s/early-’90s Los Angeles sound very much like the Go-Go’s on songs such as the catchy single Big Lies, as well as the more post-punk pulse of Waiting to Get Paid or rootsier Dead Cold Eyes. Little is a powerful singer who delivers the, often, heavy lyrics with the kind of cool detachment that screams rock star. Guitarist Andy Bishop also deserves a shout-out for his sharp, cutting leads that really shred.