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The Zolas Announce ‘Come Back to Life’ Album, Share “Yung Dicaprio” | Exclaim

The new song is inspired by ‘Romeo + Juliet’

The Zolas Announce 'Come Back to Life' Album, Share 'Yung Dicaprio'

Vancouver indie rockers the Zolas have announced the release of their new album, Come Back to Life, due out July 16 via Light Organ Records. The group have also dropped the electrifying new single “Yung Dicaprio,” which you can listen to down below. 

Come Back to Life is inspired by ’90s-era Britpop and filled with personal anecdotes and political commentary — a testament to their creative output and drive for a fresh, forward-facing sound. The album includes recent singles “Another Dimension” and “I Feel the Transition.”

Newly released single “Yung Dicaprio” is an ode to 1966’s Romeo + Juliet. In a statement regarding the single, Zolas frontman Zach Gray said:

Got obsessed with the Romeo + Juliet movie from 1996 and it coloured a lot of the new stuff we’ve been putting out. This track is about two people from opposite ends of the same sick world who find the antidote in one another. It reminded me of how new love and new music can save your life. That’s how Romeo + Juliet’s soundtrack made me feel, and that’s how you’re meant to feel listening to this. Nobody’s as cute as ’96 Leo but we all deserve to feel like it.

Listen to “Yung Dicaprio” below, and check out the Come Back to Life tracklist below that. As you’ll see, the album comes featuring a track alongside Cadence Weapon.

Come Back to Life:

1. Violence on This Planet
2. Yung Dicaprio
3. Miles Away
4. Reality Winner
5. Let It Scare You
6. Energy Czar
7. I Feel the Transition
8. Another Dimension (ft. Cadence Weapon)
9. PrEP
10. Wreck Beach/Totem Park
11. Bombs Away (Bonus Deluxe Edition)
12. Ultra Marine (Bonus Deluxe Edition)
13. Come Back to Life (Bonus Deluxe Edition)