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The Zolas Rewinds Back To The 90s In “Yung Dicaprio” | Aupium

Vancouver trio The Zolas brings back the 90s swagger of British rock and pop with their latest single “Yung Dicaprio.” As you may have guessed it from the title, it was inspired by the 90s film Romeo+Juliet and aims at capturing the inevitable chemistry between two star-crossed lovers. It’s vintage, refreshing, and cinematic that captures the Hollywood-esque drama of such Shakespearean tragedy: 

The Zolas’ Zach Gray explained: “Got obsessed with the Romeo+Juliet movie from 1996 and it (+ the soundtrack) coloured a lot of the new stuff we’ve been putting out. This track is about 2 people from opposite ends of the same sick world who find the antidote in one another. It reminded me of how new love and new music can save your life in the same way. That’s how that soundtrack made me feel and that’s how you’re meant to feel listening to this song on a shiny day, so please go do that. Nobody’s as cute as ’96 Leo but we all deserve to feel like it.”

The track is from their upcoming new album Come Back To Life, which will be out on July 16th via Light Organ Records.