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For Those Glimmering Unforgettable Nights, Play Jessicka’s “Gold Jacket” | Aupium

Shiny disco balls, shimmering outfits, and nocturnal euphoria is what pops up in our minds when we listen to Jessicka’s latest single “Gold Jacket.” Glossed with the shiny layers of disco, “Gold Jacket” spins with an impeccably chic flair that captures those almost-transcendental moments in the late hours of the night when anything seems possible. 1am dive bar karoke? 3am burritos? 4am dance on the beach? In every scenario, “Gold Jacket” is perfect for it:

Speaking of the track, Jessicka shared: “You’re in a wild situation that you weren’t expecting, but you know it’s going to be a fun adventure. It’s the soundtrack for one of those nights that takes you by surprise and never lets go. The title was inspired by the outfit my friend was wearing on a great night out in Vancouver, her gold jacket shining as she danced like crazy to the live band at The Imperial. It was amazing.”