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Jessicka | Beehive Candy

To say it’s been a year of change could be considered quite the understatement. But for Vancouver-based musician Jessicka, it’s been the perfect time to truly realize who she wanted to be as an artist.

While her past work has been said to be anchored by heady and dark lyrical content, her new project has taken the artist in a somewhat different direction, evoking a kind of electric energy and exuberance much needed in the current social climate. “I want to get the crowd as pumped to be up and moving as I am when I’m on stage,” she explained. “I just want them to have a more elevated experience. To feel that power and that intensity.”

Having already taken the Canadian pop world by storm with three previous lauded EPs, as well as standout tracks “Wake Up,” and “Broke and Drunk,” Jessicka has continued to move forward – evolving her sound into something she hopes continues to maintain its intense relatability, but in a whole new way.

“It was all about writing songs about the most fun we’ve ever had,” she recalled. “I want to release a record that’s going to slay in a club, and everyone will get sweaty and dance-y. I want to invoke that energy.” The result is a project steeped with the kind of trance-like beats and melodic lyrics meant to conjure positivity, and an infectious sense of rhythm, peace and genuine joy.

New music is indeed on the horizon, boasting some of the musicians most beloved tracks to date — ones she knows will not only tell personal stories, but hopefully elicit lost feelings and happy memories for audiences far and wide. And the best way to get that message out there is through the power of pop music. “I feel like there’s a lot to connect to, and I hope people will sit down, really listen, and get more out of it each time. As an artist, you really can’t hope for more than that.”