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Jessicka: “Mirrorball Midnight” as a Cinderella Story for the Dance Floor | Music All New

The daily work routine can be a curse to some and a blessing to others.The former is usually the case when the field of activity, as far as variety is concerned, is foreseeable, one perceives it as a burden and wants nothing more than to break out of this hamster wheel. Then a civil servant job with the highlight of the day eating butter pretzel disguised as important conferences might not necessarily be the right thing.

The second is usually when you … well … do not like to experience surprises and particularly focus on a security aspect. The very special security of not being able to be terminated so easily offers material for entire treatises – especially if you look at the German judiciary and its oh so independent, neutral and impartial judges in this context – spoken from experience.

The singer and songwriter Jessicka (aka Jessica Yliruusi) from Vancouver, Canada seems to be one of those guys: oh, my workday could be a little more exciting! That’s why she used her imagination without further ado and created her very own fairytale adventure with her energetic new synthpop track “Mirrorball Midnight” .

Via ‘pm studio world wide news’ she said about the background of the club-compatible new single: “I often complain about how boring my typical work day is and how ‘Mirrorball Midnight’ is my Cinderella story. A Friday evening fantasy based on the glittering charm of the unknown. “

The musician continued: “Your sweetheart calls and says: ‘I’m leaving here, are you with me?’ and without hesitation you leave everything where it is, get into the car and let the wind blow through your hair. Perfectly suited for a dance floor, this song is a dream come true. ”Convince yourself of its quality!