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Jessicka: “I Hear You Calling” about Fighting with and against Yourself | music-allnew

Everyone knows them: those people who – and no matter how haywire it may be in their life and their emotional world – have the ability to never really let it show on the outside. If something of the actual problems comes to light later, the astonished reaction of the environment usually goes like this: but he / she always looked so cheerful and happy!

In the club-compatible new electro-pop single “I Hear You Calling” by the aspiring newcomer Jessicka from Vancouver, it is also about “two sides” that wrestle with each other. Specifically, it is about the inner struggle to give up on yourself, against self-confidence, to overcome the darkness. In such moments, you want nothing more than the support of someone who will catch you if you fall.

“I Hear You Calling” can be found – like the already presented single “Mirrorball Midnight” – on the new, just released six-track EP “Mistress / Queen ” by Jessicka and is definitely worth listening to!