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Fake Shark Explore the Addiction of Making Life-Destroying Choices in Their New Single ‘Loser’ | Eat This Music

Following on from the release of their singles “Time for the Future” and “Quicksand” earlier this year, Canadian five-piece Fake Shark have returned with the third taste of what is to come off their new album, which also happens to showcase their unique take on the alternative-pop genre.

Fake Sharks’ new single “Loser” is a song written from the perspective of someone who’s just addicted to making life-destroying choices and they’re envious of people with self-control.

“The video was conceptualized by the brilliant director Sterling Larose,” lead singer Kevvy explains, “who’s done hit videos for Mother Mother and Son Real, and it’s about leaning into your problems and owning them and becoming famous for them.”

This song has a lot going for it, whether it is the addictive hook, witty lyrics, or colourful video, the overall aesthetics of the song showcase more of what is to come off the band’s album. Stay tuned for more.