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“Five Minutes With” Vancouver Indie Rock Band Hotel Mira | Vancouver Guardian

Throughout their Perfectionism era, Vancouver alt-rock favourites Hotel Mira flourished as fans and radio alike relished in their upbeat, jovial melodies and heavy, poignant lyricism, which skyrocketed them up the charts landing a Top 5 single with lead track “This Could Be It For Me” and Top 20 placement with “Better On Your Own”.

With Perfectionism, Hotel Mira have taken the sound out of the garage and into a considerably lusher landscape. Wrapped up in a polished, pungent, yet untethered and cracked aesthetic, Kerr’s distinctive and appeasing vocals meld with this backdrop to create perfectly punchy and danceable tracks that still maintain Hotel Mira’s distinctive edge which has garnered charting radio attention and over eleven million collective streams to date.

Hotel mira
Photo credit: Lindsey Blane

Name: Hotel Mira

Genre: Indie Rock

Founded: 2017

# of Albums: 2

Latest Release: Perfectionism

Latest Single: The Eyes On You

Latest Video:

Favourite musician as a teenager:

Charlie Kerr: Kurt Cobain

Mike Noble: Brandon Flowers

Favourite musician now:

CK: Nina Simone

MN: Probably still Brandon Flowers, lol

Guilty Pleasure Song:

CK: I don’t think guilty pleasures exist in music.

MN: Currently it’s Higher Power by Coldplay

Live Show Ritual:

CK: Anxiety

MN: Drinking a coffee way too late in the day and going for a walk outside the venue if it isn’t raining

Favourite local artist:

CK: Hotel Mira

MN: Too many. Right now I’m really into Adam Mah’s new release “Manic Pixie Dream Girl”

EP or LP?

CK: LP – Linkin Park / Jay-z Collision course.

MN: Definitely LP. EP’s have their place but I love just drifting off for the 40+ minutes an LP brings.

Early bird or night owl?

CK: Recovering Night Owl

MN: Attempting to become an early bird, so sorta in that weird middle phase of not really knowing when you’re awake or asleep

Road or studio?

Both: Road

Any shows or albums coming up?

CK: Hope so.

MN: Get vaccinated so we can play soon!


Rapid Fire Qs from Vancouver

Favourite local Restaurant:

CK: The Patty Shop

MN: Thank You Pizza on Union and Gore. It rules and feels like this tucked away gem in Chinatown.

Favourite Street?

CK: Commercial Drive. It’s like a whole different city

MN: Main Street. Lots to do, plus I live right off it so it feels like home.

Favourite Park?

CK: Dude Chilling Park

MN: John Rogers Park. If you know, you know.

Favourite Music Venue?

CK: The Commodore

MN: Commodore is always special and always a pleasure to play, but there’s nothing quite like seeing a band completely pack the Biltmore.

Favourite Vancouver Staple?

CK: Nardwuar

MN: Too many favourites, but easily my least favourite is when Evo’s are all at the mountains or beaches on a sunny weekend and they’re nowhere to be found in the actual city.