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The 30 Best Rock/Alt Albums of 2021 | Soft Sound Press

The 30 best rock/alt albums of 2021

Should this list be considered SSP’s be-all-end-all die-on-this-hill standings for 2021 music? I cannot say that in good conscience — I sincerely believed half the entries below came out pre-COVID, so I’m sure there are others from this year that I missed as well due to a Pokémon “it hurt itself in its confusion” style error. But with the brain power I have left after another year from hell, I’ve forged ahead to bring you what I think (key word: think) are the 30 best rock/alt albums of 2021. And god, if this year gave us anything good, it was rock/alt albums. We can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for us.



One of my long-time local indie faves, The Zolas’ new album has… a 90s Britpop feel? I’m actually shocked more bands haven’t brought this sound back, and Come Back To Life leaves me hoping they do next year. It’s flashy, fun, and probably the album I’ll be blasting tonight at midnight.