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Born with the rock ‘n’ roll blood of Manchester in his veins, Younger would tell his mates growing up he was descended from the outlaws of the American West. His forefathers rode with Jesse James, an illicit era of train-robbing and boozing that spurred a desire in his heart to seek out the best of America. While Younger loved The Smiths and The Cars, he grew older and became a fixture in his local music scene. His heart felt restless for places he’d yet to visit.


At 21, Younger left his homeland and ventured across the sea to America. He hitchhiked across the Midwest, and related to the common working men he came across, writing down their stories in the notepad he kept in his breast pocket. These would be the seeds that would grow into the songs of his new album Feelin’ American.

Younger planted roots in the Canadian city of Vancouver and became an integral part of the underground music scene. Putting on shows and playing with local acts like The Zolas, Sun Wizard and starting numerous bands, Younger has crafted his first solo release of pop anthems that will be on road trip playlists for years to come.
There’s a perennial quality to these songs that you could be hearing in 1987 or 2013 or twenty years in the future. A kid in Medicine Hat could one day play “Do It Again” over and over in his parent’s Mazda van or an oil-patch worker in Whitehorse might have “Never Easy” on his morning playlist in the work truck. Someone
will listen to “Simple Things ” while (discreetly) smoking a cigarette at Jericho Beach in Vancouver. This is music to sway the shoulders of the common man, to break the hearts of every pretty girl and make every guy imagine himself singing “Monday Morning” onstage.


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James Younger

James Younger