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VIDEO PREMIERE: Fake Shark – Quicksand | XSNoize

After the much-anticipated release of their latest single ‘Time for the Future’, Canada’s most exciting alt-pop band Fake Shark are all set for the release of their next track ‘Quicksand’.

Embodying 00’s drum patterns and indie-pop guitar chords, Fake Shark continue to bring futuristic flair and genre-bending production, layered by frontman Kevvy’s heartfelt and delicate vocals. Repeating the lyrics “I’ve been sinking in your quicksand I’ve been sinking so low, so low” Kevvy explains “Quicksand is a song about being trapped in a relationship with someone whose bad habits are not only destroying them but you also.”

Allowing us to fully submerge into their world, Fake Shark have created a video alongside longtime collaborator of the band Steve Bays. In true DIY fashion, Kevvy describes the process of making the video as completely organic; “Tony and I show up and Steve had all this gear he borrowed, we just walked around trying to beat the sunset collecting interesting shots. The whole shoot took 3 hours.”

Watch the video for the new single ‘Quicksand’ – BELOW:

Through the years, Fake Shark – comprised of long-time frontman and creative force Kevvy, Louis Wu, Tony Dallas, Alex Glassford and Jake Fox – have amassed hordes of loyal followers around the world on the back of their unconventional and undeniably distinctive brand of off-kilter pop; original concepts, cutting lyrics, and a plethora of interesting voices at the heart of all of Fake Shark’s tracks. In the vein of boundary-bending pop innovators like Prince, No Doubt, Solange, or their comrade Blood Orange, no two Fake Shark albums are alike, yet all are instantly recognizable as their own.

With multiple albums to their name – the latest being the 2020 EP House of Mirrors – Fake Shark’s groove-oriented and melody-driven music has seen them build significant support in their homeland, alongside nurturing an international fan base with sold-out tours in Japan, the UK and US.

In addition to his work with Fake Shark, frontman Kevvy has developed an international reputation for his unique musical vision, leading him to produce, remix and write for a wide array of artists from household names like Carly Rae Jepsen and Kat Von D to breakthrough talents like Fionn and Michaela Slinger. While also broadening his musical palette by composing for film and visual media with an impressive list of credits to his name, it’s Kevvy’s work with Fake Shark that represents the purest distillation of his artistry.

Looking towards the release of their new album in 2021, “Quicksand” marks another significant moment in one of the most exciting pop band coming out from Canada, as they continue gravitating towards international acclaim.