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Under The Radar: October 2021 | The Permanent Rain Press


Happy spooky season, friends! This month’s Under the Radar is all treat, no tricks, courtesy of LA Solution CenterWindmillsdwi, VelavoxJulian Lamadrid and RYYZN.

2) dwi – “Good Friend”

We all have those moments we’d wish we had picked up on a friend’s struggles – does it make us less of a friend, less of a human? It’s rather bright scenery for the darker reflection; a gritty pop/rock appeal that keeps engagement in sound as much as the lines of regret and ignorance. It calls into question intention, support, and primarily focuses on the self and lack of action, rather than said friend. In doing so, it establishes an overwhelming guilt in relation to a treasured friendship. 

The upbeat guitars and drums have an easygoing energy, a lightness to the blue ponder. dwi (Dwight Abell of The Zolas) has an enigmatic roar to his voice, both messy and empathetic. I like how it references faith and the psyche, a wisdom and a constant contest. It’s a fun, remorseful and introspective listen. “Good Friend” is the what-if in a situation we wish we could better understand. Their EP Mild Fantasy Violence is out now under Light Organ Records.