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Music Q&A with dwi | Keep It Posi

Photo courtesy of dwi

Vancouver music scene veteran and bass player for The Zolas, dwi recently released his debut album, Mild Fantasy Violence, via Light Organ Records! dwi recently took some time to answer questions about the album, his favorite band to see live, and more! Mild Fantasy Violence is out NOW!

Congratulations on the release of your debut album, Mild Fantasy Violence! What does the album mean to you?
Thank you!  Aside from this album representing me being stuck in my room making reflective and slightly paranoid music, I think it mostly represents me finally finding the time and inspiration to craft my very first bunch of songs that I felt comfortable enough with to share with the universe.

Had it not been for the global pandemic, do you think you would have worked on a solo album at all?
Honestly…I don’t think I would of, not this soon anyways.

What’s your favorite song off Mild Fantasy Violence?
My favourite song is the tittle track. I love what it’s about, and it’s sooo weird and feels very me.

What was the first song you ever covered?
Unfortunately, the answer is “Wonder Wall” by Oasis. Pretty obvious eh? 

Who has been your favorite band to see live?
Radiohead. I’ve seen them live 3 times and each show changed my life.

If you were an instrument, what would you be and why?
I want to say bass because it’s my favourite instrument and frequency, but I feel like my personality is more like a muted trumpet. 🎺  

What is your favorite thing about making music?
My favourite thing about music is that it takes me away from the world. It’s a vacation from myself even.

How do you stay positive?
I’m naturally a pretty positive person. I’m good at looking on the bright side. I have songwriting as a release for all the bitter, hellish stuff.

Any last words or final message for the readers?
Listen to my record. It’s a bit of a fever dream, but is really good for early morning walks.