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An Album You Can’t Skip – Perfectionism | NR92

It’s not often you come across an album that gives you a magical feeling. When I hear a great “no skip” project I just want to shout it from the rooftops and let everyone know to drop what they are doing and give it a spin. I have deeply fallen in love with the album “Perfectionism” by Hotel Mira. This is a fresh and passionate group out of Vancouver, who just got off a cross Canada tour. Perfectionism is an 11 track project coming in at 39 minutes. This may seem short for an album, but it shows its excellence and wraps it up quickly. I adore each cut of this album for a different reason and think that they should be dissected individually to make you adore them within the project.
  1. Perfectionism
This is a super strong opening track. It has some groovy opening guitars and lyrics of raw honesty about love and consciousness. This song displays right away how strong the vocals will be throughout and is just very catchy. 2. This Could Be It For Me This is Hotel Mira’s most popular song to date and for good reason. It takes you on a rollercoaster ride of enjoyment and leaves you wanting more. The claps sprinkled into the chorus make it easy to dance along. 3. Jungle I appreciate the backing vocals to this track more than any other cut on the album. They compliment the lead vocals so well and really tie the track together. I like the lyrics because it seems like we are listening to a memory. The best line in the song is, “I can’t wait to lose it cause everyone cool is a head case.” 4. Arcade Heart Arcade Heart comes at a great point in the tracklist. It slows down the whole pace of the album in a great way and lets listeners appreciate the voice and lyricism. I like the simple instrumentation here. 5. Better On Your Own This was my favourite track in the band’s entire discography before I came across track 8. It tells the woes and afterthoughts of a breakup. For me, the shining star on this song is the guitar. It mixes so perfectly with the chorus. 6. Speaking Off the Record This song is the most powerful and honest of them all. It touches on mental struggles in a super tasteful way. When it starts to become more intense just before the two-minute mark it captures your attention and draws you in for an incredible ending. 7. The Eyes on You The gem of this cut is the chorus. It is fun and you will definitely find yourself nodding your head. A lyrical highlight that sticks with me is “nobody told me that crows could be love birds too.” 8. Son-In-Law At the moment this is my absolute favourite Hotel Mira song. I find it hard not to want to scream the chorus. This. is a song about wealthy men with skewed perspectives of the world. 9. Ladies and Gentleman This song is a great way to start winding down the intensity of the whole project. Background vocals really lift up the main ones here. 10. A Song for Daisy If you are looking for a song to sing on a car ride with your best girlfriends this is absolutely perfect. It has a funny imitative chorus but still remains thoughtful. It is slower but doesn’t seem out of place. 11. You Know Best This is a great closer to the album. It highlights all the best parts of what you just heard. Dynamic vocals, great guitar and lyrics. There is no better choice to cap off the tracklist than this.   Another thing to note is that Hotel Mira is wonderful live. They sound similar to the recording and perform in a way that makes these songs come alive. I hope you enjoy this album recommendation. You can listen to it here. NR92 currently has the song “Jungle” in our rotation so tune in to catch it on the station.