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In the spotlight: Fake shark | Cool Top20

Fake Shark is a Canadian electronic indie-pop band from Vancouver (Canada). The band originally formed in 2005 and changed their name after shifting from punk to a more commercial pop sound in 2015. These days the band is located in Vancouver and LA. The band’s current line-up consists of Kevvy, Louis, Tony, Alex and Jake. For this interview I spoke with lead vocalist and songwriter Kevvy Mental. How and when did you meet? “Louis and I went to highschool together and formed a punk band called Fake Shark-Real Zombie! that toured internationally. As I understood, the original band name Fake Shark-Real Zombie! was a reference to Lucio Fulci’s film Zombi 2. Did you change the band name because of the new musical direction? “Exactly. The band and it’s line up parted ways at a point, and restarted as Fake Shark playing a new style of music and with a new line up.” What artists/bands have influenced your sound? Are those bands also the bands that can be found on your personal playlist? “We love everything. I have an Erykah Badu tattoo! We listen to everything from jazz to numetal and beyond! Our personal playlist changes drastically constantly. We’re very loyal to the artists we love and keep up with them!” Did any of you have any musical lessons growing up? “Louis majored in classical guitar in college, Alex studied jazz drumming in college, and I went to music production school.” Are any of you involved in other music projects? “Tony plays drums in Brat Boy, Alex plays in Seven Nines and Tens, Louis plays in Blonde Diamond, and I play in Amazing Grave and Billy Howerdel.”
How do you distribute roles/responsibilities within the band? “It all has kind of fallen into place naturally, and after many tours in vans discussing such.“ You released a new album ‘Time for the Future’ a couple of weeks ago. What’s your favourite memory of writing and/or recording the album? “Writing and recording ‘Loser’ was the easiest thing we’ve ever done. Every first idea that came up, we laid down and kept. We didn’t second guess and we all felt like we had something when it was done.” You also recorded a song ‘Feel That Way’ with Madison Olds, which is probably my favourite song on the album. How did that collaboration come about? “I have co-written a batch of songs with her and I wrote that song with her voice in mind because she’s such a brilliant collaborator.”
What are your personal favourites on the album? “I love ‘Young Fun and Dangerous’. It’s so nostalgic for me, lyrically.” I always want to hear about the creative process. What can you tell me about yours? “I tend to start most songs. It happens usually when I unplug from everything and go into input mode, listening to lots of music and watching lots of movies, and writing in a journal.” You’ve expressed some of your thoughts about social media in your song ‘Something Special’. What’s your opinion on social media for bands? Do you consider it a necessary evil? “It is but you don’t have to be corny like some bands and artists are. I hate when bands are clearly looking for retweets by posting things like, “hey what’s everyone’s favourite cereal?!” How about some mystique?” Your music has already featured in films and TV shows, but what would be your absolute dream film, TV series or video game series to feature your music and why? “I’d love to have one of our songs in the NBA 2K series. Im such a big fan and play it constantly. Come at me, tag: Gothmamba.” What bands or artists are getting you excited at the moment? “K Flay is always great. We feel like we’re in the same genre. Always into what Anderson Paak is up to. And the new Limp Bizkit rips.”   What’s next for Fake Shark? “During the pandemic so many things were cancelled for us, that we’re looking to hit the road again. We always have new music going.” What’s your favourite song from the Cool 20? “The way I found out about it was because of Madison Olds. Her song ‘Best Part of Me’ is so good.” What song would you like to add as a bonus track and why? “I would like to pick this song ‘Cash’ by the great The OBGMs, because they’re the best band in the country and everyone should know that.”