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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: All About Fake Shark’s New Single ‘Paranoid’ | The Honey Pop

Your fave “freakpop” band is back with a bang! Fake Shark’s brand new single ‘Paranoid’ is out now, and we got the scoop on the making of the song, how that iconic bridge came to be, and more!

Fake Shark are a Canadian electro indie-pop group who formed in 2005. Since then, they’ve refined their sound and their close friendship as bandmates. ‘Paranoid’ marks a new chapter in their journey, following their 2021 single ‘Loser.’

On Instagram, lead singer Kevvy Mental captioned a popular TikTok trend set to Finesse2Tymes’ ‘Back End’ in reference to the single, “If writing more music about how I’m a literal mess is wrong I don’t wanna be right.”


Check out our chat with Fake Shark below!

How did the writing process start for ‘Paranoid?’ What was the inspiration for it?
It was a song written about, and during a very sad couple of relationships falling apart, one romantic, one platonic. There’s the whole motto about the definition of insanity, living and acting the same way expecting different results, which seeped its way into the lyrics and the music video concept as well.

Did you have any specific sound or vibe you were hoping to create with ‘Paranoid,’ or did you just let it flow and let the song guide you?
It was the first song written for this new record, and so we were excited to just experiment [and] do something without questioning it too much. I think it sounds cohesive with our previous single ‘Loser.’

Image Source: Fake Shark via Instagram

If you could make a mood board to describe the vibe of ‘Paranoid,’ what are a few things that would be on it?
A very messy journal, similar to one from the film Seven.

The bridge is so cool. We love how it builds! Can you tell us more about writing that part?
Initially when we made the song, it didn’t build! It just rocked all the way through! But we’re always looking for ways to make songs really effective live, and that’s for the choice to have it build came from.

What’s your favorite part of the song?
The chorus chord progression!

In your band’s Instagram bio, you guys have “freakpop.” What does that mean to you? How do you define your sound as a band?
A reviewer called us that one time and it made me laugh, like, I’m not sure if that’s a genre but if it is I want to be part of it!

Image Source: Courtesy of Fake Shark

What are you guys most proud of in your career so far?
Our own camaraderie. I actually love being around these guys, and that’s not very common in bands.

How have you guys evolved as a band since the start of your career?
Better songwriters, better performers, what we deliver is more quality now than before or ever.

Who are you guys jamming to these days? Do you have a pre-show playlist?
My two favourite bands currently are the OBGMs from Toronto, and VOWWS from Australia.

How does ‘Paranoid’ pave the way for what’s to come in the band’s next era?
Oh, you’ll find out!

Image Source: Courtesy of Fake Shark

You heard them there’s more to come from Fake Shark, but for now, make sure you stream ‘Paranoid’ here!