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Johnny Payne ‘Calle Easy’ Premiere | The Partae

Johnny Payne ‘Calle Easy’ Premiere

Formerly a founding member of The Shilohs, Johnny wrote and produced more than half of the band’s material that contributed to 3 full length albums and an assortment of other releases.  Since leaving the group a few years ago, he has been producing, recording for film and quietly releasing his own music. One such release was the much loved “Johnny” EP, which was recorded and co-produced by Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley of Tennis.

Johnny has been laying low the past couple of years but he has always been a performer, and this new album is all Johnny Payne. He wrote it, arranged it, produced it and played a variety of instruments on it.He also wanted the album to showcase the talent of his live backing band The Margarita Machine, which is basically a who’s who of the Vancouver music scene. He’s always had a keen ear for melody, harmony and slick arrangements and his new album, “King of Cups”, proves it. It’s a whole lot of fun to listen to as well. We know Johnny couldn’t care less about getting into “Who’s Who,” but this album will at least get him out of “Who’s He?”