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Indie88 Premiere: Fake Shark are ready to party on new single ‘Feel that Way’ | Indie88

Fake Shark
Courtesy of the artist

Canadian indie outfit Fake Shark have shared a fun-loving video for their new single, “Feel that Way,” premiering now on Indie88. The track comes from their new album, Time for the Future, out now.

The soulful, poetic new track offers up a glimpse at Fake Shark’s endless party-filled life. “Feel that Way (feat. Madison Olds)” is all about wanting to find love and happiness. The accompanying video was directed and edited by Steve Bays. It’s packed with trippy, colourful shots of the band performing along to the tune.

“The ‘Feel That Way’ video was put together as a composition of real vibes and emotions,” Fake Shark explain. “We invited some close friends to our friend’s bard, and shot most of it in the back alley after we’d been hanging out a few hours. The studio shots were done in Steve Bays’ actual studio where we have recorded some of our favourite songs. Typically, music video shoots are long and tedious, but this one was so fun, loose and real.”

Watch the video for “Feel that Way” below.

About the new Fake Shark album:

Fake Shark are back with their fourth studio album, Time for the Future. The album channels a whole slew of sounds across the musical spectrum, making for a unique, genre-bending collection. The album uses vintage samples and captivating melodies, which allows it to channel the sounds of the past and the future.

“I want the music to feel nostalgic and futuristic at the same time,” Fake Shark member Kevvy says. “What do they expect to head, and how much can I play with those expectations to create something fresh and exciting?”

Time for the Future features previously released singles “Quicksand,” “Loser,” and the title track.

Stream Time for the Future below.