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Fake Shark Review-’Time for the Future’ | Music News Monthly


Fake Shark are back with their fourth studio album ‘Time For The Future’. We took the opportunity to check it out. Here is what we thought

The opening track, ‘Nostalgia Proof’ gives a glimpse of what to expect from the rest of the album. Great vocals are backed by a fusion of stunning beats and electro synth sounds, setting a solid foundation.

The album’s namesake, ‘Time For The Future’ is a delight to listen to. Fake Shark set the standard high and it is one of the standout tracks on the album. ‘Time For The Future’, is packed full of little nuggets of musical gold. Twelve epic tracks from grunge and electro- pop to good old indie rock with guitar infused heavy hitters like ‘Lover And A Fighter’ and ‘Young, Fun And Dangerous’.

Fake Shark have taken aspects from many varied musical styles and created an album that has something for everyone while still managing to work as a collection of awesome sounds.

The Canadian five piece, are sure to make waves with ‘Time For The Future’. An outstanding collection of tracks mixing up so many genres it is hard to define the sound that is Fake Shark. However you choose to label their musical style, it is undeniable that this album is a fantastic piece of work.

​Available right now to stream at : Time For The Future