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CelebMix Q&A | Fake Shark on trying to cash in on things that were previously successful, their newest single “Paranoid”, and more | CelebMix

Fake Shark is Kevvy, Tony, Alex, Jake and Louis. The inspiration for the band’s name was actually inspired by pop artist, Katy Perry, specifically from her Super Bowl mascot Left Shark and also the hit song “Baby Shark”. In fact, the band were just trying to cash in things that were previously successful.

Congratulations on the release of your newest song, how does it feel to look back upon it now that it is out?

Thank you! It’s interesting when you write a whole bunch of songs, you tend to lose perspective. I feel like I can listen to this and enjoy it as a listener now as opposed to having any critiques of it in my head like I do when I’m in songwriting mode.

Did you learn anything about yourselves whilst looking back upon the song?

That I need to up my therapy. Which I have done! The whole album is a slap in my poor therapist’s face.

What is “Paranoid” about and what does the title represent?

It’s the wild things that go through your head, specifically in relationships, romantic or platonic. It’s your past attempting to destroy your future.

Does the song still represent what you wanted to say at the start of the creative process, and how was that reflected in the final product?

It’s one of those things where I start putting words to a chord progression and im not sure what it’s really about until it’s almost done. Then you look back at the words and realize it’s all relevant. Your subconscious helped you out.

What was the creative process like for your new song and was it any different to how you went about working on previous material?

It’s the same producer as Loser, the great Ryan Worsley, so this was the first track we wrote for this new album. Ryan and I can finish each other’s sentences, we’re so in synch, we’re like Justin and Lance.

Was there any material left off the song you wanted to include – lyrically or sonically?

No! What you hear is all of our first ideas. I love when that happens.

What would you like listeners to take away from your new song – lyrically, story or message-wise?

That it’s ok to have these emotions that aren’t that positive. It’s real life and it’s a part of life.

What else do you have coming up that we should watch out for?

The beautiful video by the incredible Faked Potatoes!