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Bodywash Announce New Album ‘I Held the Shape While I Could’

Montreal-based duo Rosie Long Decter and Chris Steward — a.k.a. “>Bodywash — have announced a new project I Held the Shape While I Could. The effort comes out on April 14 via Light Organ Records

The dream pop duo have also shared the album’s second single “Massif Central” following the November release of “Kind of Light.” The song recounts Steward’s experience after losing his legal work status in Canada as a UK native. 

“‘Massif’ is the sound of wailing into a cliff and not knowing if you’ll hear an echo,” said Steward. “The spoken word is inspired by a squirrel that was trapped in the wall behind my bed, clawing its way to salvation. With the help of friends, family, music, and a few immigration lawyers (and the rest of my savings), I’m now a permanent resident here. But this song remains as testament to my experience with an exploitative institution.”

The choppy, distorted graphics in the music video for “Massif Central” look like they come straight from a video game. Director Jordan Allen says they feed off of Steward’s “panic and urgency” as his future was in doubt. Watch the video below. 

I Held the Shape While I Could is the first album from the duo since 2019’s Comforter.

I Held the Shape While I Could:

1. In as Far
2. Picture Of
3. Massif Central
4. Bas Relief
5. Perfect Blue
6. Kind of Light
7. One Day Clear
8. Sterilizer
9. Dessents
10. Ascents
11. Patina
12. No Repair