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Pack Your Bags: These Rising Stars Are Taking Us Around The Globe! | The Honey Pop

The new music releases this week are stacked and the best part is, they’re taking us all around the globe! Music is truly universal and these artists are here to prove it. We’ve got music from Iceland, Norway, France, and even all the way down in Australia.

So pack your suitcase, don’t forget to grab your passport, and get those headphones on as we set off on a worldwide musical adventure!

Next, we’ll pop over to Winnipeg, where duo Mise en Scene are reminding us all to be a little ‘Nicer’ with their brand new single!

Image Source: Adam Kelly

As if the song itself wasn’t brilliant enough, the video features the duo’s adorable puppies playing on Lake Winnipeg! The duo’s unique brand of sunny alt-rock is perfectly encapsulated by this song, and is a great alt-rock tune for summertime!

“I feel this song is relatable to today’s social climate. We are coming back into the world after years of being locked up and we are impatient with each other, we have been cruel to each other. We need to find the energy within our exhaustion to be nicer to each other, we all know we need it.”

Stef Blondal Johnson of Mise en Scene

Stream ‘Nicer’ here!